Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Task C40-43, G11 - Adjectives

Ideas for Objects you can use to teach various attributes:

Big/Little - balls, socks, blocks, buttons, shoes, stones, Beanie babies, Oreo cookies & "minis", serving spoon / teaspoon, balloons, milk cartons

Long/Short - straws, pencils, pipe cleaners, lego blocks, chalk, pictures of different hairstyles, yarn / string, 6" & 12" ruler

Wet/Dry - washcloths, cotton balls, paper towels, sponges, socks, bath toys

Shapes - round / square block, shaped crackers, shape sorter shapes, cookies cut into shapes

New/Old - crayons, sponges

Color - blocks, buttons, socks, crayons, pipe cleaners, legos, rainbow goldfish,skittles, m&ms

Hard/Soft - play dough (leave one piece out to harden), sponges, nerf football (one soft, one hard), action figure and plush counterpart, bread crumbs / croutons, hard ball / pompoms, hard/soft visor hats

Rough/Smooth - stones, wallpaper samples, fabric squares, fingernail file (both sides), sandpaper (both sides), velcro (both sides)

Tall/Short - toy giraffes, block towers, paper cups, paper towel/toilet paper rolls

Thick or Fat/Thin - books, bread slices, sandwiches, candles

Fast/Slow - ideas?

Heavy/Light - identical containers, one full and one empty
for light: balloon, cottonball, feather
for heavy: medium size stone, heavy mug, pretend bag of "groceries"

Clean/Dirty - socks, cotton balls, play dough

Hot/Cold - water

Empty/Full - cups, dishes, bottles, bags of chips, candy bag

Open/Closed - doors, drawers, windows, boxes, envelopes, markers, doors on toy car, books, purses, lunch boxes

Sweet/Sour - sweet: candy, marshamallows; sour: pickles, lemon juice, grapefruit

Straight/Bent - straws, pipe cleaners, wire

If you have an idea for this task that you would like to share, please add a Comment. Thank you!

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