Sunday, March 4, 2007

Reinforcer Games

Children throw a beanbag into the "earth tub", "moon tub" or "sun tub" for answering a question or completing a task. Picture at

Select a simple picture that goes with a current theme or fits the child's interest. For each correct answer, allow the child to place a sticker on the picture. There's an example at Scroll down to Vocabulary Practice.

Make an Igloo game mat ( - about halfway down the page) Put a marshmallow (or white pompom) on each block of the igloo for each correct answer.

Use a puzzle as a reinforcer. Let the child choose the puzzle. The therapist holds the pieces and gives one piece for every 2-3 responses.

Play Hangman- I put spaces on a dry erase board for hangman. Every 2-5 responses, I put a letter on the board. This motivates him to continue working and find out what will be written on the board. I usually write something that I'm going to let him do (such as play Nintendo) or I write down a character's name (either from Disney or Nintendo). -source unknown

Use wood blocks to spell words- This is the same concept as hangman, but I spell the words with blocks. This child is really reinforced by reading, so a lot of his program is centered around his reading ability. -source unknown

Social reinforcement- I often give him social reinforcement, but I use lines from his favorite movies to reinforce. For example instead of saying, "Good Job" i say "GROOVY BABY!! (Austin Powers)." He LOVES THIS! I also say things like "Shagadelic!!" He's an Austin powers fan...if you can't tell!!! -source unknown

If you happen to know the source of any of the last 3 games, please add a comment. I've collected tons of ideas and lost track of where some of them came from.

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