Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Task B20 - Picture Sequences

Use familiar children's storybooks.
Go to: www.preschoolbystormie.com/learncentrs2.htm

Take pictures of siblings or friends doing a task. For example, get the popcorn...put in microwave...pour in bowl...eat....then another sequence can be, eat popcorn...empty bowl...put bowl in sink...wash hands. Original source unknown.

Take pictures of the individual steps to complete a task. For example, take a picture of functional play activities like block design using one-block then two-block, or a doll getting dressed, pieces of a puzzle, pieces of a train or car track, making a sandwich, etc. Routines can be used to teach the routine steps while teaching sequencing skills. Or try a comic strip sequence from the newspaper. Original source unknown.

If you have an idea for this task that you would like to share, please Email Me at cresanna@hotmail.com or add a Comment. Thank you!

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