Saturday, March 17, 2007

C34, G6 - Actions

Here is a starter list of actions to teach:

baking, bending, breaking, building
carrying, catching, chasing, clapping, cleaning,
climbing, coloring, cooking, crawling, crying
dancing, digging, drawing, drinking, eating
falling, fishing, flying, following
giving, hiding, jumping, kicking
laughing, leaving, listening, looking
making, mowing, opening
painting, peeling, playing, pulling
pushing, putting away
raining, reading, riding, rolling, running
sharing, singing, sitting, sleeping
sliding, smelling, smiling, snowing
spilling, splashing, standing, swimming, swinging
talking, throwing, walking, waving

If you have an idea for this task that you would like to share, please add a Comment. Thank you!

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